The Rangoonwala Foundation contributes to social development wherever community, education and health services are required and is active internationally.

The Foundation encourages and supports those individuals and institutions whose exemplary merits are constrained by the lack of financial resources. This includes schools, health services, vocational centres, libraries and for the provision of facilities for children and adults with severe complex physical and learning disabilities.

As a firm believer in the desire of all human beings to live in dignity, the Foundation assists in the provision of relief services for the elderly and the displaced.

The Foundation also supports the arts and the creative initiatives of talented individuals by providing public space for the display of their works.

Arts and crafts centres have been established in South Asia, Africa and Europe which have become well known for their active contribution to the local community. The demand for their services are constantly on the rise and resources for their expansion are provided by the Foundation.

Besides supporting its own initiatives, the Foundation places great emphasis on collaborating in partnership with other institutions that provide similar social, educational and health services falling within the scope of its ethos and vision. As such, the Rangoonwala Foundation welcomes opportunities to collaborate with and support deserving individuals and organisations.

The ideal of enabling communities to become more vibrant and dynamic is continually being realised in many areas of the world through the self-help initiatives supported by the Foundation.

A long-term goal is that of securing a better future for communities by bringing them out of poverty through support of livelihood programmes and facilitating access to education for marginalised groups. The Foundation believes this can be achieved through fostering collaborations and partnerships at the ground level ultimately leading to self-reliance and sustainable development.