Mohamed Aly Rangoonwala

20th May 1924 - 12th June 1998

The Rangoonwala Foundation is a charitable endowment of its founder the late philanthropist, social worker, patron and industrialist Mohamed Aly Rangoonwala. 

He was a prominent and influential business personality in South Asia and Europe.  He firmly believed in free trade, fair competition and the responsibility of wealthy individuals to alleviate poverty and to raise the standard of living for those less fortunate.  In his lifetime Mr Rangoonwala adopted the motto 'Service to Humanity' taking keen interest in community welfare and development, which he endowed generously.  He established the Rangoonwala Foundation to continue endeavours he initiated and to conceive new projects for the future.  Inspired by the philanthropic nature of his father V. M. Gany and other prominent business personalities of the early 20th century, Mr. Rangoonwala pioneered in South Asia a number of community organisations, centres for learning, health services and housing projects for the homeless.  

His unique concept of using Community Centres for the technical and vocational training enabled thousands of individuals to provide for themselves.

Asif Rangoonwala

Asif Rangoonwala is a successful business entrepreneur, who has a diverse array of interests spanning a range of sectors including food, property and sport.  He is also involved in philanthropic activities through the Rangoonwala Foundation established by his late father.  As Chairman of the Rangoonwala Foundation, he helps the charity provide vocational training, medical centres, libraries and other educational and life-enhancing facilities for marginalised communities worldwide.  He is also active in a number of prestigious organisations in the UK and abroad.  These include being a fellow of the Duke of Endinburgh's Award, Trustee of the Whietfield Development Trust, Vice Chairman of Indus Entrepreneurs UK, Trustee of British Asian Trust and Chairman of the World Memon Foundation.

Banu Rangoonwala

Banu Rangoonwala is the wife of the late Mohamed Aly Rangoonwala and a founding trustee of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust.  She has worked for decades to develop many social welfare projects.  She was active at the Fatima Jinnah School for Girls in Karachi and contributed to several charitable and educational activities and continues to do so.  At the age of 85, she initiated the set up of the Banu Bai Physiotherapy centre at the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust which has recieved tremendous response from those who require physiotherapy to recover from various conditions.  Banu has a Bachelor of Science degree from St Xavier's College in Mumbai and a Masters Degree in Technical Science from the University of Manchester as well as being admitted to the Associateship of the Manchester College of Technology  after having successfully completed a course in administration for Chemists.  She has 11 grandchildren and takes actives interest in family affairs and those of the charitable organisations founded by her and her late husband.

Tariq Rangoonwala

Tariq Rangoonwala is the Chairman of the Board of the Rangoonwala Group of companies in Pakistan engaged in port facilitation services operating common user logistics support infrastructure such as bulk liquid tank terminals, container freight stations, warehousing and in the manufacturing of personal care products.  Mr Rangoonwala is the Chairman and Executive Trustee of the ZVMG Trust in Pakistan, specialising in women's vocational training, primary and secondary education, youth development programmes, promotion of arts and culture and providing donor support for institutions engaged in health related services and special education.  He also serves on boards of public committees, forums, trusts, schools, associations, public and private companies including banks and insurance companies.  Tariq Rangoonwala is the Chairman of the Pakistan National Commitee of the International Chamber of Commerce and has served on its executive board in Paris.  He is currently the ICC's Regional Coordinator for South Asia and the Middle East.  In this capacity he has facilitated multilateral rules in Pakistan including arbitral reforms, trade and transportation facilitation rules and measures and E-business, IT and Telecom legislation.

Khalid Rangoonwala

Khalid Rangoonwala, a trustee of the Rangoonwala Foundation, is responsible for asset management, reporting, financial, legal and tax affairs.  He also works closely in consultation with the Chairman, Asif Rangoonwala on any new initiatives and projects.  Khalid is based in Dubai, UAE but travels extensively to ensure proper systems are maintained to extract the maximum possible benefit for the Foundation's support.

Meheen Rangoonwala

Meheen Rangoonwala is based in London, UK and is the Global Programme Manager for the Rangoonwala Foundation.

Nisreen Ebrahim

Nisreen set up the Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust both institutionally as well as programmatically.  Her primary interests are micro-enterprise and livelihood issues for the marginalised, however as Managing Trustee for the RFIT, she looks after its administration as well as the multi-sectoral programme which covers community services, health, education, livelihoods and disability.  Nisreen has a post-graduate degree in Management and over twenty years of experience in the development sector in India. 

Saeed Mirza

Saeed Mirza is based in Karachi, Pakistan and is the Director of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust.  He supervises and runs all Pakistan based projects.  He has various degrees in English, History and Zoology and started his career as the Head of the Department of Biology at the Public School, Latifabad, Hyderabad and then as the Head of the same department at the Habib Public School in Karachi.  Between 1986 and 1984 he worked at the V.M. Public School, starting as Vice Principal and then Principal.  He has been working as the director of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust since 1994.